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Thank you! I'm sure my dog Pismo loves you almost as much as me by now. You've been a huge help, and my girlfriend and I love the pictures.


- Weston Slay

I just wanted to say how awesome you folks are and how great a job that you did taking care of my babies. I have another trip planned in January so I will be using you guys again and would love to have the same person take care of my babies due to the excellent work she did.  I loved the pics and the texts.. you guys are fantastic and I will tell everyone I know as well as make sure my vet knows about you guys and passes your info along to others looking for the same kind of loving caring attention for their pets.


- Tim S.

I was so shocked when my dog texted me.  She sent pictures of herself, of her playing ball, and had her tongue hanging out as happy as she could be.   Your Helping Paws does the little things that keeps me in touch with my pets, and I miss them so much.  It is such a comfort to see them and see they are well cared for when you visit.  Thank you for touching my heart and knowing just what to say.  This wasn't even part of the service, but I sure appreciated it!

- Michael Fulton

In the weeks before we brought Stella home, we interviewed countless local pet sitting companies, all of whom we were less than impressed with. The minute Cynthia from Your Helping Paws walked in the door,  she got on the floor with our 8 week old Great Dane, opened her arms and scooped up that 20 pound puppy. She instantly focused her attention on greeting the puppy instead of trying to impress us, and we knew then she was the sitter for our family. Now that we've brought home a second 4-legged family member, Cynthia has again come to the rescue providing daily care, walks and affection for our two dogs. From text updates to photos of our puppies in action, Your Helping Paws does it right, and is the only pet sitter for our family.


- Natalie Woosley

We fell in love with Cynthia when she cared for our aging diabetic cat and continue to use her services. Her love of animals and understanding of the quirks of their owners (we are high maintenance!) is exceptional. We adore the texts and pictures of our babies and appreciate that she'll even give the snake some attention.


- Susan Shogan

Last year was challenging. It seemed like the Only good things that happened were that I was was able to sell my house... and finding out about Your Helping Paws!


- Lisa G.

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