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Pet Safety: We will not provide service unless we know that the fur babies in our care will not be left without sufficient food, water, and potty breaks for a period of time that exceeds what is necessary to insure a safe, pleasant and healthy experience for your fur baby.  


For dogs, this means you must book sufficient visits to insure that they can go outside to potty and be given fresh water at least every 6-8 hours (at the longest), depending upon the pet.  We reserve the right to add visits to further reduce the time your dog is left unattended without access to go potty outside, if the pet is repeatedly unable to accommodate the schedule you have chosen. For example, if you are gone the entire day and evening, you need to book at least one visit in the morning, one mid-day, and one at night.  If you have a doggy door and can provide sufficient water for your dog to last the day, then this policy does not apply.  Regardless of whether or not you have a doggy door though, you must book at least one visit a day for us to provide food, water and check on your fur baby. 


For cats, we require you book sufficient visits to insure that they can receive food, water and have their litter box cleaned at least every other day.  This policy applies even if you have an automatic feeding or watering system, because we must still check on your fur baby to insure their health and safety during your absence. 


New Appointments: You can request a new appointment using your online account by logging in and scheduling anytime up to 24 hours prior to the start of service. If it's already past that time, please contact us.  


Cancellations: You can cancel an appointment through your online account prior to 24 hours before service. If its already after that, please contact us if you need to cancel. 


Recurring Schedules: These are automatically created in our system two weeks in advance. An invoice for these types of appointments will be sent to the email address listed in your account. Please let us know of any known dates you won't need us, so we may adjust them in our system. If you would prefer, you may also go into the system and update your own appointment at this time.


Holidays: We try to staff to accommodate your needs, but we accept appointments on a first-come-first-service basis, so please book with us for holidays as early as possible. If you are on a recurring schedule, we will assume you need us on a holiday, unless directed otherwise.


Discounts: We offer regular discounts to Clients who are members of various groups (see  Services & Rates).  For monthly Clients, we also offer a weekly discount to clients for whom we complete at least one visit on 4 or more days within each full week in the month. Discounts cannot be combined with each other (they are not additive). This policy applies to all discounts of all types.  The following services are NOT eligible for discounts: Overnights, Daycare, Nail Trimming, additional Consultations, Poop Scooping, Pet Taxi Service, holiday surcharges, escessive cleanup fees, and taxes.


Overnights: We are pleased to offer overnight stays on a first come, first served basis.   Overnight stays begin approximately at 10pm and end approximately at 6am.  These times may vary somewhat based on the sitter's schedule.  

Note: If you have indoor cameras, you must inform Your Helping Paws ahead of time.  We reserve the right to disconnect indoor cameras during overnight visits to provide for the privacy needs of our sitters. If you have questions concerning this policy, please discuss it with Cynthia.

Additional Fees:

  • Late fees may be applied to unpaid accounts.

  • Late Booking Fees may be applied for appointments made with < 24 notice, for sitter inconvenience.

  • Out of Area Fee: We regret that we cannot service everyone everywhere.  If you live outside our normal service area, you can still request we consider servicing your location.  If we are able to do so, there is an out of area fee which will be applied to your invoice.  This fee varies depending upon where how far you live from the sitter who would provide service. It compensates the sitter for the extra time and fuel required.  We will only accommodate out of area service requests when we are able, and unless prior arrangements are made, such service must be approved each time you book. Typical fees are $15-$20 a day.

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