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We come to your home and care for your pets.


We come to your home and walk your dog.


We will drive your pet to or from an appointment.


We stay overnight in your home and take care of your pets.


We can do a home security check, or arrange to pick up or drop off keys.

Your Helping Paws is an Austin Pet Sitting and other pet care services company serving Central Texas. Let us extend a helping paw to care for your pets.


We offer dog sitting, dog walking, and cat sitting, as well as care for your birds, fish, chickens, reptiles and more.


We do everything from feeding and watering, administering medicines, providing a potty break, and cleaning out litter boxes.


Dog walking and play helps your pet burn off energy and relax.


We can also do a home security check to help make your home look lived in, bring in the paper and trash cans, change light settings and curtains, adjust your thermostat, water your plants, and more.

Getting Started

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your pet sitting needs, we do that through an in-person consultation.  

We like to spend at least 30 minutes meeting with new clients so that they can meet and get to know the pet sitter who will be caring for their fur babies.  It's important that the sitter establish a good rapport with both you and your pets.  We want to get to know your needs, where things are at, special issues and so on. 

To get things started, you can Register using the button above. This will give us the information we need to schedule and conduct a consultation.  Please don't forget to fill out the information on each of your fur babies.

Once a consultation is completed, you can schedule appointments using the portal's scheduling tool, available once you LOG IN (above), or you can just call Cynthia at 512-897-8379 and she can get you set up.

All visits are scheduled within one of five time periods during the day. This allows us the flexibility to deal with any unexpected events, yet still get to all pets on a timely basis. Time blocks are approximate.

Early morning visit:  

Morning visit:   

Mid-day visit:      

Afternoon visit:   

Evening visit:       

Night visit:  

Overnight visit:  

7am - 9am

9am - 11am

11am - 2pm

2pm - 4pm

5pm - 7pm

7pm - 9pm

10pm - 6am


  • Holidays incur $15 surcharge for the day. ​

    • For 2022 our Holidays are:​​

      • January 1st (New Years Day)

      • January 17 (MLK Day)

      • April 17 (Easter)

      • May 30 (Memorial Day)

      • June 19 (Juneteenth)

      • July 4 (Independence Day)

      • September 5 (Labor Day)

      • November 24 & 25 (Thanksgiving)

      • December 24 & 25 (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

      • December 31 (New Years Eve)

    • For 2023 our Holidays are:

      • January 1st (New Years Day)

      • January 16 (MLK Day)

      • April 9 (Easter)

      • May 29 (Memorial Day)

      • June 19 (Juneteenth)

      • July 4 (Independence Day)

      • September 4 (Labor Day)

      • November 23 & 24 (Thanksgiving)

      • December 24 & 25 (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

      • December 31 (New Years Eve)

  • We are proud to offer a 10% discount on many basic services to current Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMS Responders, Teachers, Active Duty Military Personnel, and Seniors over 65.

  • Discounts may be applied ONLY to these services:  Just Cats, 30-Minute Visit, 45-Minute Visit, 60-Minute Visit, 90-Minute Visit, and Long Walk.

  • Prices and services subject to change without notice.

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